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This game looks really cute and I love the unique twist on the genre. I’d love to be able to play your game !

If you use Unity, you can pretty easily port it to Mac if you download the Mac build support. This would allow more players to play and rate your game! 

People will be more likely to play your game as well if you download the WebGL support to play it in browser. But there can be some performance issues with that, so test it out first if you do that. 

Let me know if you choose to port it to either so I can play and rate your game!

If you want to play and rate my game, it’s a goofy dungeon crawler where every choice will impact the story. Play it at  Good luck with your game!


Thank you for playing! Yeah it is good idea to build another Mac version.

do you need help with the soundtrack?


i can help if u want, i got some stuff to do it. you just need to tell me what u want it to sound like.


Oh hey cool. I really want someone to teach me the basics :) also I maybe need 1 for the Dungeon.

i can try to teach u and i already have a idea if you want, to do like a adventurous cook kind of style dungeon one

Thank you so much!

so u want me to get started? i legallly can't start unless u say yes. sorry

I tried to play the demo but the background goes black as soon as I leave the house, and the screen after that, it's all black, the guy disappeared too :( I love the premise and would love to try the game!

Hey there. What version have you experienced this problem, PC or browser. And if PC which resolution?


are u Vietnamese ?

Saigonese :)

:) me tô


HAHAHAHAHA I can see that.

you know what a good idea would be, if u want my opinion. have u heard of moonlighter? if so you could do a concept like that but keep the cooking and the food in general.

Thank you! My plan at first is to make dungeon like Moonlighter, or Zelda-style dungeon ;)

Hey! I really liked the game; the idea, the art, everything! I hope to see more of it soon.

The only thing that I would change is the map. It was a little confusing to understand at first! 

Good work!


good one! Im thinking about getting an icon for character so that no one can be lost anymore ;)

Yes! That would be great! ;)


If you need any help with pixel art, I'd be more than happy to offer some help. This game has potential to be something really amazing and I'd love nothing more than to help reach that potential.

Glad you like it! 

hello! this is an amazing game, I just payed it's really cute, intresting and just a very intresting concept. 

here are some little suggestions that may or may not make the game better.
  • maybe you can also use the space bar as an attack?
  • the character clips through some object
  • sometime when you open the oven you keep on walking, also it seems that when walking "E" doeasn't register, you have to stop completely.
  • maybe there can be a hint system? or already set recipies with names? or maybe I'm just an idiot because for whatever reason I can't seem to cook a lot by myself.
  • when you die once the pause button doesn't work anymore.
  • you can't leave the cook book (or I'm missing something)

it's a really fun game! these are just some things I think would be good to know. sorry if your were alrady aware. I hope to see duture developments! :-)


Thank you for your feedbacks! We have been looking for it and:

  • Space bar can be attack button. We will implement a Key Redefinition for players' preferences.
  • That was some rendering problem we are working right now.
  • Thank you for spotting that. For the new ones the character won't behave like that anymore.
  • The cookbook UI will be implemented so that players can search for already cooked dishes.
  • Also that too.
  • You can press Escape to go out of cookbook, and also we will insert a close button.


thank you, I'll look up for the updates. :-D

Hey. I love the game idea. I think that you can get it big. The game may use more mechanics. I made a video about me playing your game. Check it out:


Hey thanks so much for playing our game. And yes, we are planning to fix/update content in 2 - 3 days. 


wow! i like your art style. :)

i will wait next process